Here you will find the Presentations or Talks related to the project:

  • Andrés Arcia-Moret presented “Efficient information dissemination in community networks:
    The RIFE approach” at GAIA Community Networks: Sustainability and Regulation Workshop. January 27th, 2017. Cambridge, UK.
  • Andrés Arcia-Moret from the University of Cambridge presented the GAIA-IRTF on-going work about Alternative Network Deployments and the vision of RIFE, at RIPE 72 meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. His presentation was selected to be part of the Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI). RIPE 72 has been featured as the largest RIPE ever, hosting 600 present participants and 1500+ streaming participants from more than 10 different countries.
  • Andrés Arcia-Moret from the University of Cambridge was part of the instructor’s team in the Workshop on New Frontiers in Internet of Things at the ICTP, Italy. Andrés gave a full-day introduction and hands-on session on Information Centric Networking and The Internet of Things. He discussed the underlying technology of RIFE with 20 participants coming from 17 different African countries. More information:
  • University of Cambridge participated in the Workshop on New Frontiers in Internet of Things. The workshop was co-directed by Arjuna Sathiaseelan and was attended by 27 participants from developing regions including regulators from Ghana and Mozambique. The UCAM team gave talks on the RIFE project and held training activities including practical workshops.
  • Arjuna Sathiaseelan from University of Cambridge presented the wider vision of the RIFE project and the need for universal Internet access to students and academic staff at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India on the 3rd March, 2016.
  • TVWS: Challenges and Experiences from Latin America and Africa. Andrés Arcia-Moret (N4D Lab, UCAM) presented in the Global Access to the Internet for All (GAIA) – IRTF working group meeting at the IETF 93, in Prague. He talked about TV White Spaces challenges and experiences on deployments in Africa and Latin America. Andrés also explained how low cost technologies work for capturing spectrum dynamics and showcased current development of a service for assessing White Spaces in the developing world.
  • Ethics in Internet Engineering workshop. The Ethics in Networked System Research project held a one day workshop at GTC (Oxford) on 13 March where about 25 leading philosophers, ethicists, and Internet engineers from around the world will discuss the intersection of their disciplines. Our partner, Dr. Arjuna Sathiaseelan from the University of Cambridge gave a talk. More information about the workshop here.
  • Networking for Development. In this talk, Dr. Arjuna Sathiaseelan from the University of Cambridge focused on the need to address the socio-economic barriers for enabling universal access. He specifically discussed the challenges we faced as academics while exploring a technological solution that on paper showed immense promise but faced obstacles on the ground/in-the-wild. The conclusion of the talk reports some results from a survey we conducted across several network operators (in both developed and developing regions) to understand their take on our proposed solution. This survey was part of the RIFE project.